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Ebola response in Congo leaves locals at greatest risk

The New Humanitarian, June 2019

Local responders are at the forefront of efforts to contain the latest Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo. But with this reality comes greater risks – from the virus itself, but also from attacks by armed groups and distrustful local communities.


Ebola responders in Congo confront fake news and social media chatter

The New Humanitarian, May 2019

When the recent Ebola outbreak erupted in the Democratic Republic of Congo more than eight months ago, rumour and distrust spread just as quickly as the disease. WhatsApp and Facebook groups are filled with fast-moving, competing misinformation.


'No chance against China': Gas deal worries Filipino fishermen

Al Jazeera, November 2018

It is 6:30am on a Sunday morning and Rony Drio, 51, is on his way out into the water. He tosses his net and snorkelling gear into his small wooden boat, an outrigger canoe called a "bangka". Drio will spend the day in the shallow waters of his island home of San Salvador searching for aquarium fish that he can net, bag, and sell to local dealers for around 20 pesos, about 37 cents a piece. 

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Moonshine Cannabis

CannabisWire, March 2019

In parts of Appalachia, government officials are spending serious money to root out cannabis grows, but they’re up against geography, culture, and history—including the history of moonshine.


In Public Housing, a Cannabis Catch-22

CannabisWire, June 2018

America’s poorest are falling through the gaps between federal and state cannabis laws, and some federally subsidized tenants are forced to choose between their medicine and their home.

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Startups Took Over Earth, and Now They’re Headed to Space — With Creepy Pepsi Ads in Tow

OneZero, April 2019

CubeSats are already defining the sky over your head, collecting data that is already pushing the bounds of business intelligence and security.

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Sweden's new law on affirmative consent is hailed, but questions remain

PRI, May 2018

As Sweden joins 10 other western European countries with a new consent law, there’s still much to figure out about what happens next.

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How Long Will Amazon Need Those 50,000 HQ2 Employees?

Washingtonian, March 2018

The company is aggressively pursuing automation and machine learning in many of its properties. Will it be able to deliver on the jobs it has promised to its second home?


how death disappeared from halloween

Washington Post, October 2018

Americans tend to avoid opportunities to engage with their own mortality.